ViVilicious’ best sellers are included in this assortment. This collection is sure to take you in a distinctive culinary journey and offer a unique experience with cloud-feel textures, and the right sweetness-level. Our truffles are less sweet and softer than any truffle you have tried, as they are prepared with a decadent combination of semi-sweet and extra dark chocolates. Each truffle in this collection displays our high-quality ingredients. Vivilicious flavors vary by season, but this collection typically includes classic dark and creamy chocolate truffle, classic semi-sweet chocolate truffle, passion fruit, pistachio and coconut.


*All of our products are free from food colorings, fillers and preservatives. They are made to order. We ask our customers to read the FAQ section carefully to be aware of our disclosure on food allergens, shelf life of our products, and ways to store these fresh treats; and be informed about our shipping policy before placing an order.* 

Best Sellers Assortment

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